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K. Sharwood

Studied Human Movement Studies at Rhodes University followed by honors in Exercise Science at the University of Cape Town. She is a registered biokineticist and a senior PhD student at the Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Cape Town. Her primary research interest includes changes in muscle characteristics and physiology associated with chronic endurance training, but also has interests in hydration status and the associated medical consequences of ultra endurance exercise.

Sharwood K, Lambert M, St Clair Gibson A and Noakes T. Changes in Muscle Power and Neuromuscular Efficiency After a 40 minute Downhill Run in Veteran Long Distance Runners. Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine 10(2): 129-135, 2000
St Clair Gibson A, Lambert M, Collins M, Grobler L, Sharwood K, Derman W and Noakes T. Chronic Exercise Activity and the Fatigued Athlete Myopathic Syndrome (FAMS). International Sport Med Journal, 1(3), 2000
Sharwood K, Lambert M, St Clair Gibson A and Noakes T. Changes in Oxygen Consumption During and After a Downhill Run in Masters Long Distance Runners. In review
Sharwood K, Collins M, Goedecke J, Wilson G, Noakes T and the ESSM Ironman Research team. Weight Changes, Sodium Levels and Performance in the South African Ironman Triathlon. In review
Speedy DB, Thompson JM, Rodgers I, Collins M, Sharwood K and Noakes TD. Oral Salt Supplementation During Ultra-distance Exercise. In review

LR. Keytel

She is a qualified nursing sister (BSc (Med)(Hons) Nursing) and is currently completing her PhD at the Exercise Science and Sports Medicine research unit at the University of Cape Town. Her thesis is centered on physical activity energy expenditure measurement and she has been intimately involved in the MRC/UCT metabolic chamber, 1 of 20 in the world. Her most recent work has been directed at the development of energy expenditure equations.

Lambert MI and Keytel L.R. Training habits of top Runners in different age groups in a 56km race. South African Medical Journal, August 2000, 27 32
Keytel L.R., Lambert M.I., Johnson J., Noakes T.D. and Lambert E.V. Free living energy expenditure in post menopausal women before and after exercise training. J. Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 2001, 11, 226-237
Keytel L.R and T.D. Noakes. Effects of a novel bicycle saddle on symptoms and comfort in cyclists. South African Medical Journal, 2001 (in press)
Keytel L.R., Casper N. and Lambert E.V. Physical activity recall on working days: validation using 24-hr heart rate monitoring and heart rate-energy expenditure calibration. In review
Keytel L.R., Goedecke J, Lambert M.I., Noakes T.D. and Lambert E.V. Prediction of energy expenditure and substrate utilisation from heart rate during sub maximal exercise. In review.

Professor M. Lambert

Is an associate professor in the Research unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine and is the director of the Discovery Health High Performance Center at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Before completing a PhD at the University of Cape Town, Mike obtained an honors degree from Rhodes University and an MSc from the University of South Carolina in the USA. Mike has been appointed onto the scientific advisory and editorial boards of a number of international scientific journals as well as having advised the World Health Organization on drugs in sport. Mike has supervised 34 honors projects since 1987, and is currently the supervisor to 5 MSc students, 6 MPhil students and 3 PhD students. His areas of interest include neuromuscular damage and fatigue.

St Clair Gibson, A. Perold, J. Watermeyer, G.A., Latouf, S.E, Hawley, J.A., Lambert, M.I., Noakes, T.D. Veteran athletes exercise at higher heart rates than are achieved during standard (stress) testing. South African Medical Journal. 90: 141 146, 2000
Sole, G. Lambert, M.I. and Juritz, J. The role of the physiotherapy in sports medicine: perceptions of orthopaedic surgeons, sports physicians, biokineticists and physiotherapists. South African Journal of Physiotherapy. 56, 29 35, 2000.
Mbambo, Z.H. and Lambert, M.I. Variations in the heart rate of an elite long distance runner during races of varying distances. South African Journal of Sports Medicine, 7, 17 20, 2000.
Lambert, M.I. and Keytel, L.R. Training habits of top runners in different age groups in a 56 km race. South African Journal of Sports Medicine, 7: 27 32, 2000.
St Clair Gibson A, Lambert, M.I. Myburgh, K.H. Noakes, T.D. Quadriceps and hamstring muscle function in complete and partial anterior cruciate ligament deficiency. South African Journal of Sports Medicine, 7: 21 26, 2000
St Clair Gibson A, Lambert, M.I,  Myburgh, K.H, Walters, J. Vaughan, C.L., O'Malley, M.J. and Noakes, T.D. The relationship between functional capacity, muscle size and strength in chronic ACL deficient and ACL reconstructed individuals. South African Journal of Physiotherapy, 56, 12 18, 2000.
St Clair Gibson A, Lambert M.I., Vaughan CL, Lowery M, O'Malley MJ and Noakes TD. The impact of anterior cruciate ligament deficiency and reconstruction on bilateral thigh muscle activity during stair descent. South African Journal of Physiotherapy, 57, 16 21, 2001.

The Body IQ Team

Jeremy Nichol

Chief Executive Officer

MBBch (Medical Undergraduate at the University of the Witwatersrand)

MPhil Sports Medicine (University of Cape Town)


Andrew Milne

Chief Operations Officer

BA Human Movement Studies (Rhodes University)

BSc (Med)(Hons) Exercise Science (Biokinetics) (University of Cape Town)


Travis Noakes

Internet Manager

Bachelor of Fine Art degree, Honors in Design (University of Cape Town)

Masters in Digital Arts degree (Middlesex University)

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