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Quite apart from the science and education associated with the project is the central event: the launch and trip into space. This core task is what the Mission HQ is dedicated to - information about the launch, space travel in general and people's perceptions of these events.

Mission Statistics

A few vital statistics from Mark's mision:

  • Mission NORAD number: 27 388.
  • Mark was on the 229th manned orbital mission in the world.
  • The Soyuz TM-34 he flew in was the 93rd Russian space vehicle to reach orbit.
  • Roberto Vittori and Mark were the 415th and 416th humans in orbit, and the 378th and 379th men in orbit.
  • If you count every human into orbit as a 'ticket' (many have had multiple tickets), Roberto Vittori and Mark would be travelling on tickets #922 and #923.
Destination ISS
The International Space Station is an unprecedented feat of engineering that could, when complete, be a useful launchpad for the exploration of Mars. Plus: Track the position of the ISS online!
Mark's crewmates
Mark was in good hands on this mission: he was travelling with Yuri Gidzenko, an International Space Station veteran, and Roberto Vittori, a NASA-trained Italian pilot with more than 2000 hours of flying time under the buckle.
Taking the 'taxi'
It's called that because Soyuz, the longest-serving manned spacecraft in the world, flies to the ISS so regularly.
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Mir ... the forerunner to the ISS
A few facts about the first permanent human presence in space.
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Living - and working - in space
All that technology's fine 'n' dandy, but who takes out the trash?
Photographing Earth
Mark spent much of his time on the International Space Station taking photographs of the Earth's surface as part of the Plankton Lensa experiment. Here is a list of the Top 100 sites, with co-ordinates, that he undertook to photograph.
Landing Countdown to 05:51 05 May

Landing Complete!

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Mark Shuttleworth
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Karen Sharwood
Lara Keytel
Danie Barry
Freddy Khan
Vaughan Oosthuizen
Ravi Naidoo
Vuyo Dwane
Richard Mills
Nicolette Cronje
Wayne Derman
Peter Ribton
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