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Mark Shuttleworth - May 09, 2002: Back down to Earth - Rest and Recuperation

After 4 days of (very strenuous) rehabiliation consisting of massages and saunas, Mark is offically back to normal. The medical tests have continued throughout the week and all results have been positive. On landing, Mark experienced minor changes in his cardiovascular system which, as expected, caused an elevation in heart rate. This is expected as the heart needs to readjust to having to work against gravity in order to return the blood to the heart and to redistribute it evenly around the body. This readaptation has now occured and Mark's medical parameters are back to base line level.

It would also seem that all of the prodding and poking of the scientific projects is also close to an end much to Mark's delight... his chest hair may even be given a chance to grow back now!

Mark looks set for a relaxing week in Star City, with some final minor medical evaluations and media interviews. The final commission and farewells all take place next week, while the FAIS team is slowly dwindling away and heading back to South Africa. No-one seems to be particularly looking forward to closing the door on this incredible experience.

Landing Countdown to 05:51 05 May

Landing Complete!

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