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Mark Shuttleworth - June 03, 2002: The Afronaut has landed - The ticker-tape parade takes place on Monday 10 June and will be hosted by the Department of Arts and Culture, in association with Interactive Africa.

It will start at the site of the Cape Town International Convention Centre at 13h00, and proceed up Adderly Street, through Queen Victoria Street, and end at the Planetarium at 14h00.

Fellow costmonaurs Roberto Vittori and Yuri Gidzenko, as well Dr Ben Ngubane, the Minister of Arts , Culture Science and Technology, will accompany Mark in the parade.

The procession will be led by the Bishops Brass Band as well as pupils from Bishops and Western Province Preparatory and their sister schools.

The float will stop along the route to receive commendations and awards from various institutions such as the Cape Town Partnership, the Cape IT Initiative and partner companies.

The streets along the way are expected to be dressed up in the colours of the South African flag, with lampposts and trees festooned with Hip2b2 posters. Companies along the way will be invited to display their messages to the First African in Space.

Music and entertainment will be provided en route, as well as soft drinks for the public.

All enquiries can be addressed to Althea Louw at Interactive Africa

Landing Countdown to 05:51 05 May

Landing Complete!

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