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Dale Cupido - March 26, 2002: The four Sergeys - Greetings All!

It's been quiet sometime since I've updated everyone on my happenings in Russia. So far, it's been a hectic period as we're reaching boiling point ... fast!

Mark's personal payload was recently launched on the Progress Cargo Craft, which docked on Sunday night. Our scientists are doing a fabulous job of keeping all the scientific experiments on track.

We are also in the process of organising all the extras for Mark's launch in April 2002. I met RosaviaCosmos on Thursday to discuss issues relating to the launch like travel arrangements and access for the invited guests. I also had a good meeting with the four Sergeys ... yes, four Sergeys!

Critical for the next few weeks will be scheduling Mark's daily activities onboard the International Space Station. Tsup, Moscow’s mission control centre, has offered their assistance and so did our NASA friends. Thanks all, be sure to get a call from me!

I also want to thank Karl Prince for playing such a integral part in the initiation of this project. Good luck for any future endeavours! And ... I'm still exercising (believe it or not!)

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