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Dale Cupido - April 01, 2002: The final countdown - Greetings All!

The countdown has begun for Mark's launch ... with less than a month to go!

On Friday, Tsup (Moscow Mission Control Centre) proposed the cosmonaut's draft programme onboard the ISS. For now until the launch, we are going to work closely with Tsup to ensure that the logistics and scheduling of the onboard activities run smoothly.

Things are changing in Russia, as spring has arrived. Even though things are heating up here, I'm still missing the warmth of Cape Town and Paarl! Especially, after speaking to someone special, after being out of contact for about three weeks.

I also had the honour of meeting our South African Ambassador to Russian Federation, his Excellency H. E. Mochubela Jacob Seekoe. I would like to thank the South African Embassy to Russia for all their support in the project thus far!

This week we see the return of Dr Barry to Moscow, as well as a new team member Nicolette Cronje. Nicolette will be assisting me with the daily logistics on the First African In Space project. Welcome, Nicolette!

To all in South Africa ... there's all lot of 50% discounts going on in Moscow (Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and many more!), so eat your hearts out!

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Landing Countdown to 05:51 05 May

Landing Complete!

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