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Dale Cupido

Dale Cupido

Dale Cupido is the Moscow co-ordinator for the First African in Space project and has been commuting between Cape Town and Moscow since November 2001.

Dale has been with Interactive Africa, the company project-managing the FAIS project, since 1998, after completing his studies in Marketing and Sales at Cape Technikon. He is the company’s advertising manager and is currently studying Business Science part-time through the University of Stellenbosch.

Dale also embarked on a hectic exercise programme in Moscow and is becoming even more of a gladiator than before.

During his spare time, you'll find him either on the golf course or in the gym training. He also spends a lot of time at the library (seriously!) His favourite saying is, "The Lord loves the working man".

Dale Cupido

May 2002
May 02, 2002 Freddy and Dale report back
April 2002
April 28, 2002 Phonecalls from Space
April 23, 2002 Space luggage
April 01, 2002 The final countdown
March 2002
March 26, 2002 The four Sergeys
February 2002
February 07, 2002 comings and goings
February 05, 2002 charging up and handing over
February 04, 2002 Payloads

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Dale Cupido
02/05/2002: Freddy and Dale report back
28/04/2002: Phonecalls from Space
23/04/2002: Space luggage
01/04/2002: The final countdown
26/03/2002: The four Sergeys
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