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Karen Sharwood

Karen Sharwood

Karen Sharwood is doing her PhD in exercise physiology with the University of Cape Town, and is based at the MRC Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine in Newlands.

She grew up in Johannesburg but later moved to the coastal town of Port Elizabeth, completing her BA in Human Movement Studies at the nearby Rhodes University in Grahamstown. She then took her studies to Cape Town, where she completed an Honours degree in Exercise Science at the university, where she specialised in biokinetics.

Karen completed her intern year at the Sports Science Institute, where she worked on orthopaedic and cardiac rehabilitation, and conducted academic research. After her internship, she decided to follow the academic route and began her PhD. Her primary research interests include changes in muscle characteristics and physiology associated with chronic endurance training, as well as in hydration and the associated medical consequences of ultra-endurance exercise. She has been directly involved with the medical research undertaken at the South African Ironman triathlon.

In her spare time, Karen likes to run half marathons, fall as often as possible on slippery Star City walkways and electrocute herself on open camera flashes.

Her role on the First African In Space Project is team slave-driver and inflictor-of-pain-through-exercise. She is also in charge of monitoring Mark’s health and fitness during pre-flight preparations and is the principle investigator in the cardiovascular control experiment.

Click here for more information on Karen's experiment on the First African In Space Project.

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Karen Sharwood

May 2002
May 02, 2002 I can fly!
April 2002
April 30, 2002 Rollercoasters and Rockets
April 18, 2002 Counting down
April 01, 2002 Physiology 101
March 2002
March 22, 2002 Last lap
March 15, 2002 Bright ideas
March 07, 2002 Beach daze
February 2002
February 24, 2002 Better him than me
February 12, 2002 Cloak-and-dagger stuff
February 11, 2002 Wearing many hats
February 09, 2002 Gym babe
February 06, 2002 Biomedical Problems Institute
February 05, 2002 Zero G and the ECG ... finally
February 04, 2002 ecg hassles and slavedriving

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Karen Sharwood
02/05/2002: I can fly!
30/04/2002: Rollercoasters and Rockets
18/04/2002: Counting down
01/04/2002: Physiology 101
22/03/2002: Last lap
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