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Freddy Khan - April 03, 2002: Away and home - Log for 28 Feb:

This week was spent meeting the guys who would be able to consolidate Mark’s photography and catalogue the various pictures. The work they do is simply amazing, and some of their pictures can be viewed at The method used to actually catalogue the pictures is also quite intriguing.

Took up some of the teachers’ invitations that were extended to me at the conference, and had an amazing time. Some of their initiatives are really cool, and two of the schools are quite keen to partner with schools in South Africa to create joint efforts for experiments. This will definitely be an initiative we take forward for the Autumn Clinic to be held with the teachers in April.

NASA’s Brian Kelly, manager of commercialisation, extended an invitation to Mark to address the International Space Congress in October. This is an event held once every 10 years, and one can learn more about this event by visiting

Back in Cape Town

Relegated to supporting Andre in the execution of his traumatic duties. Guess the weather, people and place (Cape Town) more than make up for his character ;) This office is crazy, everything is in flux, but the atmosphere and the spirit is amazing. I have never worked in an environment where people believe so strongly in what they do. I have found digs in Sea Point. Ja, well, it’s a bus shelter, and some might now call me a “bergie”, but I believe that I am a free spirit, and so I live accordingly.

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