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News: New Features
posted on January 29, 2002

On the 11th we promised you new features, and the first of these are gradually becoming visible to you.

The first of these is immediately visible: the "local menu" bar is now loaded with information on the latest site-updates, a "Photo of the Day" and the latest news. As time goes by, watch that space for more (and better targetted) information.

You'll also start seeing more image galleries and site logs finding their way online, and if you've had problems posting comments in the discussion forums you'll find that little problem is now fixed.

Enjoy, and as always - tell us what you think!

Landing Countdown to 05:51 05 May

Landing Complete!

The Team
Mark Shuttleworth
Dale Cupido
Karen Sharwood
Lara Keytel
Danie Barry
Freddy Khan
Vaughan Oosthuizen
Ravi Naidoo
Vuyo Dwane
Richard Mills
Nicolette Cronje
Wayne Derman
Peter Ribton
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