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Logs: nightmares and jetlag and zero-g, oh my!
posted on February 05, 2002
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Mark Shuttleworth:

Today's plan called for a zero-g flight first thing in the morning, then the debrief, then an ISS systems lecture and finally physical training. I was a little nervous about the zero-g flight, having been ill on the previous occasion. And we had the whole situation with baseline data collection blow up on Monday too.

It didn't help that in total I'd had about two hours sleep. Finally crashed late last night only to wake up at about 3:30am from the most bizarre nightmare - I was somehow convinced that my entire room at the Prophy had been installed in the Ilyushin-76 and was about to start looping parabolas, and that all the loose equipment scattered about the place (it's a boy's room) and especially our Progress payload items were not tied down. I had visions of the one and only critical camera floating around the room and smashing into the floor after the zero-g came to an end. Yes, I know how bad this sounds. Pretty weird stuff to wake up to at 3:30am. And for those of you who've read the ISS partner requirements for non-professional spaceflight participants and think this sort of thing could be a disqualification, I'd like to state for the record that no substances were involved in the fabrication of this sleep-depriving nightmare.

And then I was wide awake. At 4am. Jetlag. Not sure what time I finally crashed again, but when the alarm went off this morning I felt like death warmed up. Or just defrosted.
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