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News: Tin Cans in Space
posted on May 02, 2002
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Mark is doing very well on the ISS

In the first days of his stay, his delight and happiness at being at the Space Station gave him a definite emotional up-surge which gave him additional strength.

This is can be seen during communications sessions when Mark actively moves around, indicating that his vestibular system is working normally. In fact he seems to have taken up gymnastics as a part-time hobby.

He has a good appetite, which confirms a high degree of adaptability of his organism to zero-gravity conditions. We have seen proof of this! The evidence is in the growing number of empty cans of meat and potatoes!

When talking to fellow crew members on the ISS he freely switches from English into Russian, a sign of clear operation of his brain. Mark has been very efficient and started fulfilling the planned programme of experiments soon after arrival.

Mark 's confidence and the freedom of movement around the station has had a positive effect on his life aboard the International Space Station. Mark can move around the station on equal terms with professionals, unlike the restraints that were placed on the previous space traveller, Dennis Tito, who was forced to be content with his stay only in the Russian Zvezda module.

Landing Countdown to 05:51 05 May

Landing Complete!

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