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News: Hip2B2 Roadshow
posted on August 29, 2002
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The Hip2B2 Roadshow gets under way on 2 September, and will see Mark touring South African schools until to 5 October 2002. Visit for more info!

News: Roadshow entries closed
posted on July 02, 2002
fais project

We have closed the entries for Mark's school roadshow, which will take place over six weeks from early September to mid-October. The selection process is currently under way, and we will be contacting the lucky schools in due course.

Logs: Ticker-tape parade today
posted on June 09, 2002
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Mark Shuttleworth: Live music, circus performers, praise singers and cement handprints will make today’s Adderley Street ticker-tape parade, in honour of Mark Shuttleworth and his fellow crewmates, an event to remember.
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News: Eye on science
posted on June 04, 2002

The scientists involved with the stem cell, protein crystal and physiological experiments Mark conducted on the ISS are in the process of collating and analysing data, and should have preliminary results within the next few weeks. Source: IOL

News: Mark and Mbeki get moving
posted on June 03, 2002
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Mark celebrated his return to South Africa by dancing with President Thabo Mbeki, signing autographs and meeting members of the public at a hitech reception in his honour in Pretoria. Source: IOL

News: Back to Earth with a bump
posted on June 03, 2002
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Shortly before his return to South Africa, Mark spoke to the Sunday Times about coming back down to Earth in the Soyuz capsule – and the importance of experiencing an event rather than recording it. Source: Sunday Times
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Logs: The Afronaut has landed
posted on June 02, 2002
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Mark Shuttleworth: Mark Shuttleworth landed in South Africa on Sunday after a short post-mission holiday with his parents in Ireland. He will spend a week in Durban before flying on to Cape Town, where he will receive a ticker-tape parade through the city centre.
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News: Passed away
posted on May 27, 2002
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Michelle Foster, the 14-year-old girl who sat on Nelson Mandela's knee and asked Mark to marry her during a live video link-up to the ISS, has passed away.

The First African in Space Team would like to express their deepest condolences to Michelle's family.

Click here for IOL's report on her death.

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August 29, 2002:News: Hip2B2 Roadshow
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June 09, 2002:Logs: Ticker-tape parade today
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June 03, 2002:News: Mark and Mbeki get moving
June 03, 2002:News: Back to Earth with a bump
June 02, 2002:Logs: The Afronaut has landed
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