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The First African in Space Project is running media campaigns across various media, including television, billboards and newspapers. These campaigns aim to improve public knowledge of the scientific experiments Mark will be conducting while in space, to encourage learners to study maths and science at school, and to give educators the recognition and encouragement they rightly deserve.

The latest IMAX movie, SPACE STATION, presented in association with FAIS, is an educational, audio-visual experience, that takes the audience through the challenging process of actually building the ISS and the realities of living in zero-gravity conditions.

Space Station

The First African in Space and IMAX theatres hosted the African premiere of SPACE STATION on Tuesday 23 April. The movie premiere featured Mark Shuttleworth¹s pre-recorded address to the invited audience and introductory speeches from Interactive Africa and IMAX Theatre representatives. The response from the audience after the viewing was one of deep admiration. This technological success and the dedication of the individuals involved, have made the dream of reaching for the stars an actuality. The film is narrated by award-winning American actor, Tom Cruise. DSTV also launched channel 38, dedicated to the First African In Space project, with a live feed at the beginning and end of the premiere.


Print your own Hip2b2 posters

The First African in Space Project has received requests from many of you for the HIP2B2 campaign posters. While we are not planning to do another print run for the moment, feel free to download the pdf files of the posters.

Going for Gold
The Cool Kids
Hip Hop Fashion
Ghetto Fabulous
Hip To Be Square Campaign (4 images)

Science and Technology is in the news every day. In the 21st century, its become groovy to be a geek, trendy to be a nerd and downright cool to be smart.

Science and Maths at school is the ideal foundation for a future career in technology. An understanding of technology could foster entrepreneurship. The economy of the 21st century is "knowledge-based". In a third-world environment, it was sufficient to be literate. However, with rapid globalisation, this isn’t enough – the bar has been raised. We now have to be techno-literate.

We are promoting a new formula for success in the 21st century. It is written as a formula or scientific equation. We are saying that it is Hip2B2.

We are telling school kids across the continent, that in case they haven’t noticed, its become hip to be square.

Print Ads:

To illustrate this fusion of hip and square, this campaign marries visuals and items that are traditionally uncool or "square" with visuals of hip and happening people and situations. Its intention is to inspire the younger image- and brand-conscious target market to embrace science and technology as cool and socially acceptable. Clark Kent glasses are now de rigeur!

Download Posters

Going for Gold,The Cool Kids,Hip Hop Fashion,Ghetto Fabulous

Hip To Be Square: Ghetto Fabulous
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Scientific Experiments ads (3 images)

The benefit of Mark’s mission to South African science is very significant. Especially the fact that he will be conducting research in space that South African scientists previously could only have dreamt of getting the opportunity to execute. Nevertheless, the heroes of a positive outcome to any of these experiments, are the scientists who performed the groundwork, and those who submitted proposals in response to our nationwide call.

This is why the scientists and their work is the focus of the ad campaign.

The ads draw attention by means of intriguing headlines about the nature of the experiments. The copy then states the facts simply and logically, explaining the proposed research and outlining the benefits to the country.

Science Experiment Ads - Nothing
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