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No nation has actively maintained a body of men who operate in space as long as the Russians. The Cosmonauts have been conducting scientific experiments in space for an extremely long time, and as such have a vast body of knowledge regarding the running of experiments while in orbit.

When Mark suggested that he would want pursue scientific goals while in orbit, the Russian scientists suggested a number of possible experiments, as well as the equipment needed to run such a project. Use the menu below to choose the project of most interest to you, and then use the navigation menu on the right to jump between options more quickly.

russian proposals
SpaceMed-SA is an experiment using equipment already present on the ISS to investigate the reactions of an organism to the extreme aspects of microgravity, by looking at results gleaned from the saliva and blood, as well as exploring the distribution of liquids within cells and plasmas.
Syneclise-SA is an experiment in earth-observation, using equipment in the Russian section of the ISS to take photographs and integrate this with GIS technologies through digital, video and photo media.
Given that Africa is poorly represented in orbit, relatively little time (compared to other continents) has been dedicated to studying metereological events that affect the continent. Groza (Thunderstorm in Russian) aims to investigate atmospheric, ionospheric and radiation phenomena above the African continent connected with thunderstorm activity and seismic processes.
Returning to the theme of studying biological interaction in microgravity, the Genotip-SA project proposes to experiment on Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies), and in particular to observe alterations in their genetic structure. Additionally, the actual behavioural adaptions of the flies to their unusual environment can be observed.

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